The Crusade for the Swiss Army Knife

    It was a chilly Saturday morning in Stuttgart at about 7:00am when the crew decided to search Switzerland high and low for the famous, the celebrated, and even the spectacular Swiss Army Knife.  It would be the perfect Christmas present for my dad. 

   The sleepy travelers met at the underground S-bahn station in the center of campus.  We traveled on the train to the Main Train Station.  There we boarded the train that would take us to the border of Germany.

We crossed the border without even a stamp in out passport.  Even so, we had to press on.  No time to waste, we traveled further to Zürich.  No doubt the largest city in Switzerland would hold the secrets of the Swiss Army Knife.  So many people in one place have I never seen.  It was like the rush at Christmas for Tickle Me Elmo but on a larger scale.  Surely, they must all be searching for the Swiss Army Knife as well.  We will just have to get there first.

After going through town, looking in all directions, and generally looking like tourists, we spotted the chamber where they secretly store the Swiss Army Knife.  But we were too clever for them.  We saw clues outside the door which led us directly there.  Once inside, we saw all the secrets of Switzerland.  Swiss flags, cuckoo clocks, chocolate, they had it all.  Yes, even the Swiss Army Knife.  We had to be speak in the secret language of german in order to procure the knife.  One of our crew, James, was mistaken for an Italian.  It was all part of our disguise.  The others were presumed by the chamber keepers to be germans.  Whatever they thought, Wir haben es geschafft!!! We did it!!  Our quest was successful but far from over. 

Let us get our priorities straight here.  It was time to eat.  A great crew of quest-warriors like us needed some nourishment before journeying onward.  The task at hand was to find a food establishment that wouldn't lighten our pockets while it filled our stomachs.  It sounded easy enough.  Warriors like us don't need gourmet, we need only the minimum. 

We scoured Zürich for the aforementioned establishment.  Over bridges, up stairs, tolerating the harsh wind and cold climate, we searched.  At last our strength had dwindled and we couldn't go on.  Luckily, we had stopped right in front of an Italian restaurant, and the cheapest place we've seen to boot!  We enjoyed a lovely and filling meal and tried not to choke when the bill arrived.

While enjoying our meal, we discovered our chariot of choice  (namely the cheap train) only ran on Sunday, which was quite the problem, while this was a Saturday as you'll recall.  After questioning the knowledgeable officials in Zürich, we were not further ahead.  We were told it was impossible to get home today without paying extra.  But we are College Students.  They don't know how cheap we can be! 

We traveled as far as we could, which was to the border of Switzerland and Germany.  We saw a bright, shiny, fast train that was going to Stuttgart.  It was the kind that College Students don't take.  It was sitting there rubbing it in.  We laughed at the train and decided we would get home, oh yes.  We asked the wise ticket machine how we could get home.  It told us there was only one more train today traveling to Stuttgart.  It went to Ulm and then to Stuttgart.  That trip would be two hours longer than a direct trip, but we knew we could make it.  After all, quest warriors like us can do anything.